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Having a baby can be pretty challenging at times. Beyond the physical toll of pregnancy and labor, you also are constantly battling your rapidly changing emotions. While anxiety might be a natural part of the process, hiring a doula will give you a coach to ensure you feel ready for anything pregnancy and delivery have in store. Whether you need someone to affirm you during delivery or constantly reassure you throughout pregnancy that everything will be just fine, chances are there’s a professional out there for you! If you’re looking for someone to help you with the journey to parenthood, I would love to tell you about some of the best doulas in Cleveland, Ohio

3 Doulas in Cleveland, Ohio Dedicated to Supporting a Positive Journey to Parenthood

Calm Doula Service

Imani Abdul-Zahir started Calm Doula Service to empower parents throughout their delivery. Imani educates her clients to ensure they’re ready to make informed decisions throughout labor. She assists them with crafting a birth plan that will work best for them. You’ll have 3-6 prenatal appointments, unlimited labor support, and three postpartum visits. 

As your due date nears, she’ll be on call 24/7 to make sure you have immediate care. She’ll be by your side throughout labor, helping you switch positions, repeating affirmations, and providing massages. You’ll also have access to backup doulas if Imani can’t be there for any reason.

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Fruit Of The Womb

Fruit of the Womb is a doula service started by Angel Coleman. Angel worked as a breastfeeding counselor for WIC when she began to learn how much birth impacts your success with nursing. Her solution? Help parents have better births! She aims to ensure you have all the tools you need for a positive birth experience. 

She works as a birth coach, a birth doula, and a breastfeeding counselor. Fruit of the Womb also provides childbirth classes and pet care for expecting parents. Periodically, Angel will provide postpartum doula services, depending on her schedule.

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The Root Doula

The Root Doula is a service started by Shannon Graber. Shannon has always been passionate about pregnancy and labor and decided to become a certified doula to help parents with this major life moment. She loves creating relaxing environments and advocating for parents at every point of their labor. She’ll facilitate conversation and help partners know how they can be active throughout the process. 

While Shannon still works individually through The Root Doula, you can also find her Fourth Down, a doula agency that focuses on every stage of new parenthood. Whether you need labor support or an overnight doula to help you get some much-needed shut-eye, Shannon and Fourth Down will be here for you!

Doulas in Cleveland, Ohio

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be an emotionally draining time. By hiring these doulas in Cleveland, Ohio, you’ll have a friend who will ensure you’re prepared for anything pregnancy and labor has in store. 

Once you have your doula, it’s time to start thinking about booking some pictures! I’m an Ohio family photographer specializing in maternity and newborn portraits. I know firsthand how precious this time is and want to ensure you can hold onto it forever. I would love to connect if you’ve considered booking pictures to celebrate your little one! Contact me today to find out more.

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