The Experience

I understand that finding the perfect photographer can be stressful, so I’m here to help! First off, I would like to say that every client that I work with is so much more than a customer. I love each and every one of you and my goal is to go above and beyond your expectations by providing an experience that you will never forget.

You have an idea of what you want photographed, but it may feel scary to say yes not knowing exactly how a session works. Let’s talk a little about how my process works, so you’ll understand what to expect from start to finish. Going beyond the photos, your experience is important.


“Working with Tabatha was amazing. I found her through Google, wrote her and she wrote me back within a couple of hours which is a key quality to me. I love fast responses! Tabatha asked me what kind of pictures I wanted to have. Tabatha was great with our daughter; relaxing her and being super gentle. Definitely will be using Tabatha for more sessions in the future!”- Pamela M.



GETTING YOUR SESSION ONTO THE CALENDAR. Once you have paid your retainer and signed your photography agreement, your session date/due date goes onto my calendar! If you’ve scheduled a newborn session, get in touch shortly after your baby arrives so we can prepare for your session within the first 2 weeks.

Customizing your Session

YOUR QUESIONNAIRE. This helps to customize your session to you and your family. I want to make sure I capture special moments that you never want to forget. Things like how your daughter plays with your ear as she falls asleep in your arms, the way your little man’s nose crinkles every time he laughs, your little one and their lovey etc…

The Photo Session

SO WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS AT THE SESSION? Once I arrive, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll have a small chat, walk around the house so I can get a feel for lighting and good locations. I’ll talk with the kids, maybe even color or read a quick book together if needed. This not only helps you loosen and warm up, but it gives the kids time to warm up to me as well. After around 10 minutes or so, we’ll start your session.

Waiting for the Gallery

LET’S CELEBRATE THE FACT that you are brave! You said yes to taking control of your memories. Please reflect on our time together, because I want to know how you felt about the experience. Within 2 weeks after your session, a link to your gallery will be emailed over and ready to download.

Product Delivery

YOUR PRODUCTS. If you’ve ordered products, they will be ready and beautifully packaged from me within about 2 weeks from your order. Once they’re all ready, we’ll arrange a time for you to pick up. This is the most exciting part to me….seeing your reaction to how they look is the most rewarding experience I can have as a photographer…. plus we’re friends by now!


Now that you’re familiar with the experience you’ll receive, you may be set to book. If so, please click HERE to book. To see if our vision matches, view the galleries by clicking below.

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