Get your peaceful sleep back mama! (and daddy!)

As a newborn photographer, I’m often referred to as a baby whisperer. No really, I am. With gentle touches and a few other tricks up my sleeve, I can usually soothe any baby into a blissful sleep. Here are my 5 go to tricks I use with all of my newborn sessions. Get your peaceful sleep back mama! (and daddy!)

1. Warmth. The heat in my studio remains around 85F. I keep a small space heater on during the session to help add warmth, this mimics mama’s womb and helps baby sleep better. So crank up that heat a little bit.

2. Noise. I personally use an app on my phone called “Sound Sleeper”. There are a variety of noises such as womb, hairdryer, shhh sound and vacuum cleaner (which is the one that I use.)  There are even a few noises for mom and dad!

3. Gentle Touch. Gently rub their forehead and the bridge of their little nose. This one works pretty much every time. I usually say “shhhh” quietly while doing it as well.

4. Full Belly. Make sure they’re belly is full. Sometimes that’s all they need. Full bellies equal happy babies, and usually means deeper sleeps.

5. Swaddle. If all else fails, I wrap them up. It works awesome, especially in combination with all of the above. It’s pretty magical to watch baby’s eyes instantly start to close.

I hope these tips help you get that restful nights sleep that you deserve. Like them? Love them? Share them with a friend! Comment below with your own tip.

Tabatha Sue Photography | Parma Heights OH Newborn Photographer | info@tabathasuephotography.com

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