Top 5 items to pack for your newborn session

You’ve done it. You’ve hired a newborn photographer. And the day has finally come. Your newborn session!

You’re packing the diaper bag for the baby, but what should you bring? What about for Mom and Dad?

Having a baby is overwhelming and in your sleep deprived state, you forget about yourself. So, to help, I’ve listed 5 items that I always recommend each of my clients bring.

1. Spare shirts for both you and Dad, sometimes babies tend to poop or pee on us so having that extra shirt comes in handy.

2. Pacifier (unless you’re totally against them.) This helps get the baby to sleep and soothe them. Sometimes it’s all that’s need to settle them and capture the pose. Even if your child won’t really take it, bring it anyway.

3. Something to help you pass the time. Most newborn sessions last around 2-3 hours, take this time to relax.

4. Dress baby in either a onesie or sleeper. Your baby will most likely fall asleep on the ride over to the studio, so dressing them in something that’s easy to remove is super helpful.

5. Extra diapers and formula (unless baby is breastfed.) The key to a sleepy newborn session is a fully belly. And we all know that full bellies mean more poops and pees 😉

So that’s it. I hope this helps when you’re getting yourselves ready. Don’t forget to share and comment.

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