A morning in the life of a pregnant mama – Parma Ohio

Ever wonder what life looked like when your mama was pregnant with you? Ever wonder what she did on a normal, ordinary day? This is why I love documenting this for your kids. 

Just a typical Sunday, lounging around the house. 

Going in and out of the nursery. Taking out every article of clothing your baby owns, stare at them in awe, fold them back up and put them back away….only to do the same thing in an hour. Running your hand along the edge of the crib while imagining your precious little one sleeping there. Soon, very soon she’ll be there in that crib. Sleeping soundly. But until then, we daydream of them in our arms. 

Enjoy taking a peek into this mama’s Sunday morning. I had so much fun hanging out with her and her adorable dog. 

Telling the tale of your family. In this case, this is just a chapter in this mama’s life. The chapter right before the biggest moment in her life, bringing her beautiful daughter into the world. 

If you could document your pregnancy, what things would be documented? Pulling out all the baby clothes, washing the endless loads of baby laundry, walking the dog. What would you want to remember? Let me hear in the comments below, I’d LOVE to know <3

Tabatha Sue Photography is a candid, documentary photographer specializing in newborn and family photography. She is located in Parma Heights and serves Cleveland and the rest of Northeast Ohio

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