How NOT to Craft – Pinterest Fail

In the spirit of the Christmas season and fueled by my love of Pinterest, I was going to do a step-by-step tutorial for you all this week on how to make one of those adorable burlap wreaths. But, this one was going to be in the shape of a candy cane, because I like to go big or go home. Or torture myself. Whatever you want to call it.

Well, I failed you.

It took four separate attempts to get this monstrosity finished, complete with several f-bombs, bending half of the wires on the loop back, and even referring to Pinterest in a personified form with several dirty words and phrases. What’s worse, is that I have no freaking clue how I finished whatever this is.

So, instead of a how-to on this or any craft, consider this a how-NOT-to… because I am positive most of us have a special board specifically for these ridiculous, over-the-top and beyond our ability crafts for the holidays. Let me save you the time.

Before starting a craft, ask yourself three things.
1. How prepared am I to be disappointed?
2. What skill level should I possess to successfully complete this project?
3. How much time am I willing to waste invest?

Think you know your materials? You have no idea.

Starting this project I thought I had plenty of pretty ribbon and burlap to get this beauty going. I had a pleasant balance of red, green, and white and even a good mix of texture and patterns. My vision for the end product was stunning.

Not only did I not have enough material that was originally chosen for this project, the endless strip that I cut from my “just in case” roll of tulle left the finished product being completed at the same spot as my original material. This is how the end of the loop ended up bent back. I could no longer torture myself.

Start small, like with finger paint.

Perhaps my failed craft lies within myself. Maybe if I had started with something where the instructions were more concrete, I wouldn’t have ended up with this, thing, on my door. Because damn right I still hung it up. Its ugly, but its mine!

If I could do it again…

I wouldn’t. I will stick to upcycling, reclaimed wood, and pallet projects moving forward. Maybe frills and ribbon just aren’t in my forte.

Share your favorite fails with us! Extra credit if they are Pinterest Fails.. those are always the best!

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