Simple Christmas Morning Breakfast Recipes

Christmas with kids is one of the best feelings in the world. Being able to play Santa and see their little faces light up as they come down the stairs and see the tree all lit up with presents cascading around; it completely makes the blown budget and late nights wrapping worth it.

But, I also like to eat, and the pandemonium of Christmas morning can make getting a good (good tasting, not necessarily healthy… YOLO) breakfast in a little difficult. So to ensure your little rugrats get a decent breakfast in them so they have energy to enjoy their gifts, and so you have energy to keep up with them, here are a few solid, easy, and delicious ideas for getting Christmas breakfast ready!

Deconstructed Maple Cinnamon Rolls

Photo Credit : @mommom_sam

Photo Credit : @mommom_sam

This was the breakfast for last year and it was SO good. My only complaint was that it didn’t agree with my stomach after having had way too much liquor the night before. Whoops! This one was super easy and didn’t take too much fuss. Maybe I will try it again this year… assuming the Vodka Cranberry doesn’t call to me again! HA!

You will need: 1 jumbo size can of Cinnamon Rolls, ½ cup maple syrup

To make: Cut the Cinnamon Rolls in quarters and toss them in a square 8×8 or 9×9 baking dish and drizzle with maple syrup. Bake as directed on package. When they are done, douse them in the icing. Cut into squares and serve. Enjoy! 

Waffle Tree

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Recently, my kids have been getting a kick out of adding food coloring to just about anything. This cute little work of culinary art may take a little more work, but it may be a welcome distraction from the noise of all those new toys.

You will need: Waffle Mix, green food coloring, fresh berries, hazelnut spread, vanilla extract (optional)

To make: Prepare waffle mix according to package directions. Add green food coloring until the batter reaches the tint of green you desire. If you would like to add a little extra taste to the mix (I find box mix to taste like cardboard), add 2 capfuls of vanilla extract. I use imitation, I ain’t rich! I find it gives a little extra yum. When the waffles are done, cut them into triangles and assemble 3-4 triangles in a vertical line so it resembles a Christmas tree. Spread with hazelnut spread and place berries to look like ornaments. This might take a little extra love to prepare, but the spread adheres the berries so it can be eaten on the run. Win, win!

Peanut Butter Breakfast Bites

Photo Credit: Six Sisters Stuff

Photo Credit: Six Sisters Stuff

This one would be great to make ahead of time; especially if you know its going to be too crazy to actually prepare anything. And, any cereal could be substituted. I am thinking this would be delectable with Cap’n Crunch. Hmm…

You will need: 1/2 cup Honey, 1 cup Peanut butter, crunchy natural , 5 cups cheerios, 1 tsp Vanilla

To make: Heat peanut butter and honey for about 40 seconds so it is easier to work with. Pour remaining ingredients in with heated mixture and mix well. Spoon out desired sized bites onto wax paper and let sit for about 3 hours. Boom. Done!

Hm, suddenly I am ready for breakfast!

Merry Christmas!

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