6 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

It happened again. Halloween snuck up on you out of nowhere and for another year you don’t have a costume to wear while taking the little ones out to trick-or-treat or to pass out (and nibble) candy of your own. Or maybe you are just tired of the same old cat ear head band that has been your go-to since you snagged it on clearance from the One Spot.

Relax. This list of last minute costume ideas can be put together with things already in your closet, or your kid’s toy bin. And, they are fun!


Carol from The Walking Dead
Carol has been TWD’s resident sweetheart since she appeared in the first season. Who wouldn’t want to emulate her in costume! All you need is a button-down blouse, a cardigan, and a tray of cookies. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock will know who you are.. even if it takes a little reminding.


Crazy Old Cat Lady
This one might be a new favorite. Put one some mismatched pajamas, slippers, and curlers in your hair. Then snag a few stuffed cats from your littles toy bin and safety pin them to a warm and fluffy robe. Now you are trick-or-treating in comfort! Extra credit if you have any overly tacky handbags or accessories with cats on it.

Do you have leftover party supplies from the last birthday party? Make it work for you! If you have green or purple balloons, blow them up and attach them to a similar colored shirt. For added effect, borrow a vine of silk flowers from some home décor or use some green crepe paper to give the look of a stem. Voila! You are now a beautiful bundle of grapes.

Robin Sparkles
One of the best sitcoms of all time, How I Met Your Mother introduced the world to the musical styling of Robin Sparkles, the alter-ego of Robin Scherbatsky. Achieving her tacky, yet oddly adorable, look will only require denim everything and a lot of hair teasing. If you need anything else, you could always go to the mall, everybody!

Dust Bunny
Ok, maybe the animal ears don’t need to put away juuuuust yet; at least if you have bunny ears. Simply put the ears on and attach anything resembling dust or dirt to your shirt. If you have a lot of kids running around, this shouldn’t be too difficult!

Brawny Man; Home Improvement’s Al; Lumberjack…
And finally, for you gents that want to partake in the festivities, pull out a red and black plaid shirt (because you KNOW you have one), and congratulations! You are any of these possibilities!

Now that you are ready to go, have fun, be safe, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

P.S. The candy tax is legit. Take it. They owe you.

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