5 Quirky Tips to Making Parenting Easier

Parenting… is hard. It is the truest and finest embodiment of ‘winging it’ in a situation that you
aren’t really sure what on earth you are doing. Luckily, there are tons of books, magazines,
blogs, and articles to help along the way. You can find information on how to make a cold more
bearable, what to look for when picking a pediatrician, or suggestions on how to get your little
buttercup to eat healthier.

This is all great and helpful, but what about the day-to-day part of living with tiny humans?
Where are the tips on how to make this thing called parenting even just the slightest bit easier? They are right here! These 5 tips may not pave the road for you to become Parent of the Year, but they will make the journey a lot less bumpy.

5 Quirky Tips to Making Parenting Easier in Parma Ohio


5 Quirky Tips to Making Parenting Easier

1. This I cannot stress enough; Always, always, always park as close to the cart corral as
. I’m talking pull into it if you can. Why is this so pertinent? I will tell you.

Imagine yourself having to head to the supermarket with a teensy little newborn in tow. It’s
cold, it’s windy. You park in the first spot closest to the door and think you have scored big time with having such a short walk to and from the store. After all, lugging that infant carrier is a task in itself. Any steps you can save are a win. Flash forward to when you are done. You have loaded your groceries and your precious little snowflake into the base for his carrier. All that is left is to return the cart to the corral. But, alas, it is a good 15 spots away. The wind has turned vicious, hungry for items it can toss around. What do you do? Leave the cart and dash so you don’t see what damage it does to another car? Battle the hungry winds to return the cart to a safe spot, leaving your darling unattended?

Don’t put yourself in that situation. Park next to the corral.

2. Always accept the medicine syringes from the pharmacy; especially if you have multiple

Oh no! Your little one has developed another ear infection. You fill her prescription for the
bubblegum flavored liquid antibiotic. When you get the call that it is ready, the pharmacy
technician asks if you need the syringe to administer it. You want to say no; after all you have
eight at home already. But, let’s be honest. This ear infection stemmed from a cold. It’s only
been three days since it appeared. That leaves approximately 11 hours, 17 minutes and 42
seconds before it infects the rest of the house. Once that cold hits everyone, there will be
ibuprofen needing to be administered every 6-8 hours to, let’s say for example, three different
kids. That’s upwards of three doses per kid per day, times three kids, and only one of you
tending to three sick kids and not able to keep up on washing those eight measly syringes.
It’s not hoarding; it’s being proactive against constant dishwashing. Take it!

3. Never run out of wine. Somehow I survived 5 years of parenting without wine. I am unsure
how all involved made it out alive. This is a mistake that I will not continue.


4. You will mess up, badly, and that is OK. The perfect parent doesn’t exist. Even the greatest parents lose their cool sometimes, give in to a sugary snack, or allow junk for dinner. Relish in the mistakes, the bad choices. Parenting is hard… sometimes you need to take an easy road.


5. Hide the good stuff. Candy, snack cakes, soda.. Anything you don’t want to share, hide it.
Think of it as being proactive again! They can’t ask for a Twix bar for breakfast if they don’t
know it’s there! Win, Win.

How to hide oreos from kids

Tell us, what are your tried-and- true methods to making parenting a little easier?


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