3 Midwives in Cleveland Ohio to Guide You Through Birth!

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Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart. It feels like each day, you’re waking up to a brand new symptom that you never bargained for. From endless nose congestion to random tooth pain, your entire body seems like it’s playing a mean trick on you, and it can be impossible to know what’s normal. Luckily, midwives are here to save the day! Because midwives can limit how many clients they have at any given time, they can sit down with you and discuss what to expect. If you’ve been searching for someone who will empower you through delivery while ensuring you have all the answers you need at every point in pregnancy, let me tell you about some of the best midwives in Cleveland, Ohio

3 Agencies for Midwives in Cleveland, Ohio, Dedicated to Positive Birthing Experiences

The Village Midwifery

The Village Midwifery is an agency started by Colleen Kennedy-Schroeder, a doula with over 15 years of experience. At The Village, they welcome low-risk parents regardless of their birth preferences. They want to ensure parents have the education to make the best decisions. Your midwife will assist in either a hospital or a home birth. 

You’ll receive comprehensive care at The Village’s comfortable center throughout pregnancy. You’ll receive a pelvic floor consultation and mental health assessment following delivery. The Village provides many additional services, including doulas, craniosacral therapy, monitrice, placenta encapsulation, and intrauterine insemination.

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Three Rings Midwifery

Three Rings Midwifery is a Black-owned center operated by midwife Javonne Gray. Javonne specializes in home births and ensures every parent can access holistic maternity care. She uses her appointments to ensure her clients feel equipped to take on labor. 

She’ll work with your birth team so you can have a relaxing and profound birth experience. Javonne combines modern midwifery with traditional methods, including herbal vaginal steaming, used for years in other cultures. She also provides birth prep courses as well as intrauterine insemination.

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Wide Circles Holistic Midwifery

Wide Circles Holistic Midwifery was created to give parents options outside the overly-medicated birth industry. The midwives and lactation consultants spent time in a low-intervention Amish and Mennonite birth center so they could figure out how to bring that assistance to a wider community. The practice focuses primarily on home births. 

Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll have comprehensive visits with your midwife. They’ll provide lab work and ultrasounds and help you draft your birth plan. Afterward, they’ll provide lactation consultations and on-call assistance for any concerns. The center also provides holistic wellness and fertility support.

Midwives in Cleveland, Ohio

Pregnancy might be uncomfortable, but the right provider will ensure you feel prepared to take on anything! With any of these midwives in Cleveland, Ohio, you’ll have the best assistance getting through pregnancy and delivery! 

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