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“It’s that time of year again. Fall is upon us. There are many different ways to celebrate the beginning of the pumpkin spice season. However, my kids and I love pulling out their Halloween books; it really gets us in the fall spirit.”

Top 6 Favorite Kids Halloween Books

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“You feel those little kicks in your belly, you look down and smile softly. You’re thinking of that little baby in there. That little baby that has already changed your life so much.”

When is a good time to get maternity photos taken?


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“This sweet baby boy was the FIRST baby to sign up for our First Year Baby Plan. Man oh man was I so sad to see the year come to an end. He started and ended his year of sessions with a nautical theme, for his newborn and his first birthday cake smash.”

Baby Boy’s Nautical Themed Cake Smash

Milestone Sessions

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“You guys! I am so super freakin excited for all of the new changes and things happening in 2016 for Tabatha Sue Photography. I wanna scream it from the mountain tops. You know, that level of excitement where you just feel it in your bones? Where you’re literally jumping up and down on the inside. That’s me right now.

Big things are happening!

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